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    My name is Bruno Santos, I was born in the early 80's I always had a great taste for various types of art. I always bring with me a notebook where I draw some ideas, tests, sketches. When I finished high school, although I had a lot of doubts about the future, I knew that I want to pursue a career that give me freedom of thought, but at the same time offers me the possibility to use that thought on projects I participate.

    That was the time when i discovery Design and in my head the expression "that's it!" starts to make sense. My passing through IADE shows me what Design means, the theory and practice, try the various strands and introduce me to some areas that, although not directly, play a important role in design development, such as psychology, photography and marketing.

    When college ends, begins the most terrifying part for those entering the work market. At this time i thought that if i want someone to hire me i need to show some work first, so i build my resume and my first website (, using self learning as method to take advantage of graphic edition software, i build my first ".com" with Macromedia Flash, using animation and interaction, something simple, where i showed me and my best works made in college. This did not get much success, but it was a start that showed me a little bit how internet works and it was a great help when i got my first job.

    At that point i start working at a tour operator (Sonhando Organização de Viagens S.A), where still work as graphic designer.

    Working in this company brought a great professional evolution, allowed me to apply the knowledge acquired at college and get experience working with people from different areas, manage multiple projects and take into consideration priorities and deadlines.

    It also allowed me to increase my knowledge of the graphic tools. At the same time I was also doing some freelance work that provides me with the necessary skills to speak directly with clients and learn to interpret their doubts, their ideas and their tastes.

    These experiences allowed me to grow personal and professionally, giving me the flexibility both in technical terms, using the graphical tools I have available, as in practical terms in the way I approach the problems that are posed to me, in the way I communicate with people around me, whether they are teammates or clients, and how I manage the various stages of a project.

    All this makes me a Communication Designer, trying to improve my skills and knowledge each day, looking for constant evolution and improvement of my visual culture and quality added to my projects.

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