"The Concept" This is the section where I introduce myself, I show my way of thinking and my work method, where you can know me and what I like to do. Come meet me.
  • BionVision
    My name is Bruno Santos, I was born in the early 80's I always had a great taste for various types of art. I always bring with me a notebook where I draw some ideas, tests, sketches. When I finished high school, although I had a lot of doubts about the future, I knew that I want to pursue a career that give me freedom of thought, but at the same time offers me the possibility...
  • Design
    Design is a way of being, think, look and see what's around us, i don't think Design as one occupation, one work, but more as a way to give freedom to your imagination and a way to transform the usual into exceptional using as background a visual experience that allow us to apply common concepts in something new...
Work examples...